Pub Dishwashers

Carnegie Pub has vast experience over the years with choosing the right dishwasher. After a number of disastrous failures, we know what to look out for when choosing a dishwasher for your pub.

Firstly, the dishwashers used in pubs are generally quite different from the standard home dishwasher. A much larger capacity is needed because the kitchen staff are cooking hundreds of meals every week instead of just a handful. Another thing to bear in mind is the flow of dirty dishes. At home it is fine to build up to a full load before running a wash cycle. However, in the average pub, a constant flow of clean dishes is needed.

This need has been reflected in the design of industrial and commercial dishwashers. Most industrial dishwashers are designed with a conveyor belt type of system, where dirty dishes are put through immediately, and as soon as they are clean, they come out the other side. This produces a constant stream of clean dishes, which is essential to the smooth running of the kitchen, and service of customers and fine diners.

This fundamental difference in design, added to the need for a larger capacity means that pub dishwashers are much more expensive. With the price so high, it is important to make sure you make the right choice first time, otherwise it could cost a fortune in repair or replacement costs. It is worth paying a little extra to go for a well known, reputable brand - it gives peace of mind knowing that your industrial dishwasher will not break down easily.

If you choose a lesser known, apparently good value dishwasher, you could be regretting that decision when tens of customers are left hungry and angry waiting for their food while the head chef is busy hand washing the knives and forks.